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Simply put, ClickWerx delivers more student loan consolidation customers.

ClickWerx ads only show on websites relevant to student loan consolidation services

ClickWerx has transparency and that means Advertisers are always in full control

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Simply put, Clickwerx delivers more consumers that are highly targeted for the verticals in which you are active. ClickWerx has ad exchanges for the following verticals: student loan debt, auto finance / new car quotes, auto warranty, tax, solar and debt relief verticals. The ClickWerx platform allows advertisers in these specific verticals to have their ads served directly onto 3rd party websites relevant to their respective industry. ClickWerx is a proprietary platform offering the world’s first ad exchanges dedicated to these unique verticals. ClickWerx provides highly relevant traffic, and most importantly customers that convert very well, directly to your website on a pay per click (“PPC”) basis. 

Elegant Concept - Where is the best place to find student loan consolidation customers? On student loan consolidation websites of course! The same is true for marketing in the auto warranty, debt relief and other verticals in which ClickWerx serves. ClickWerx has partnered with proprietors of websites, in each of our current verticals, to secure space for ClickWerx advertisers. In essence, if you are a new car quote advertiser, ClickWerx allows you to have your ads populate on other new car quote or related auto finance websites. If you are a debt relief advertiser, ClickWerx serves your ads on to other websites related to debt relief.   

Highly Relevant Traffic - ClickWerx offers advertisers the ability to target customers with laser focus because the traffic is vertical specific. Because ClickWerx traffic converts similarly to search traffic, advertisers can control their ad spend, generate higher ROI’s and increase their efficiency in finding the right customers.

Transparent Traffic - ClickWerx is built on transparency, which allows Advertisers to optimize their ad spends for the best ROI and efficiency. Through an online dashboard, Advertisers can set their bids for specific traffic sources, establish campaign budgets & daily caps, while monitoring metrics with on demand reports. Because Advertisers are only charged when a consumer clicks on their ad, Advertisers can focus ad budgets on the traffic sources that perform the best for their respective campaigns. 

Control Over Creative Content - ClickWerx enables Advertisers to control the consumer experience. Advertisers create their own ads with their desired messaging and logos. Consumers who click on the ads are then taken to whatever landing page an Advertiser chooses. This allows Advertisers the best chance to earn a customer's business because they are controlling the experience in a succint, branded manner. 

No Long Term Commitments or Hidden Fees - ClickWerx is a pay as you go system, with no long term commitments or contracts. No set up fees or cancellation fees. Advertisers can cancel at any time and receive a full refund of any unused funds in their account. Advertisers pay for clicks and that's it.