about us

ClickWerx is a collection of vertical specific ad exchanges. In some cases, ClickWerx is the first to introduce PPC ad exchanges to certain verticals such as; student debt, pay day loan / personal loan, debt relief, solar and health & beauty verticals. ClickWerx is an innovative platform designed to address one of the most fundamental challenges of online marketing; How to access relevant traffic as a vertical specific advertiser.

As a leading online vertical marketing company, ClickWerx was established as a turn key solution for advertisers seeking highly relevant traffic for the markets it serves. ClickWerx offers vertical specific traffic through a transparent, auction based platform. It allows advertisers to quickly access and relevant campaigns by focusing their ad spends in a highly targeted manner. ClickWerx takes the guess work out of locating interested consumers and removes the waste from advertising budgets.

ClickWerx offers publishers an easy, straightforward tool to maximize the value of the traffic they are generating. ClickWerx is targeted to verticals in which publishers are typically underserved with opportunities for incremental monetization. Often publishers have to cobble together a variety of solutions in order to monetize their traffic with the verticals served by ClickWerx. In contrast, ClickWerx takes the guess work out of monetizing this traffic by delivering relevant advertisers willing to pay a premium for highly targeted traffic.

ClickWerx bridges the vertical specific traffic supply and demand gap by connecting publishers and advertisers in a highly efficient marketplace. Simply put, ClickWerx delivers high intent customers to advertisers and better monetization to publishers.