Through its deep industry experience, ClickWerx has developed an unparalleled network of publishers that can deliver large volumes of highly targeted and relevant traffic for advertisers. Within the verticals it serves, ClickWerx publishers represent the biggest, and best, in the world. This allows advertisers to efficiently access traffic not otherwise available through standard media channels.

The ClickWerx platform is predicated upon the tenets of transparency and actionable information. Advertisers are able to track traffic, on a source by source basis, through a proprietary online reporting system. With this information they are empowered to optimize campaigns by customizing bids for each publisher and traffic source. This allows Advertisers to deploy their ad budgets in a more meaningful and efficient manner, while ultimately maximizing their return on investment ("ROI").

As leader in vertical marketing, LeadWerx has a strong reputation and track record of delivering results to its partners. With ClickWerx, LeadWerx has applied its experience and expertise to build a better mouse trap. ClickWerx was designed from the ground up, by industry veterans that know how increase Advertiser sales while at the same time maximizing monetization for Publishers.